We are not your run-of-the-mill accounting and auditing firm. We focus on technology and niche markets to differentiate us from our competitors.
Visit our KEMPEN Online page for more information.

With regards to niche markets, we focus on providing audit solutions in collaboration with other accounting and audit firms. If you are an accounting or auditing firm that has independence issues with regards to providing audit services to your clients, Visit our KEMPEN Audit page for more information and contact us.

Other niche markets we specialise in are providing tax solutions to professional golfers in South Africa. If you are a professional golfer, sports personality or any  professional entertainer please contact us.

Lastly, we believe that through our association with GMN International we can provide any of our services to any international company or individual looking to  establish themselves in South Africa or any South African business looking to do business abroad.
Ignus Kempen and Lizzie Kempen have been chartered accountants since 2003 and 2004, respectively.

Since our early days in 1999 when we started our articles at Griesel Nel in Centurion, South Africa, we have built up our relationships with our clients and fellow professionals. We established firms such as Griesel Nel Southern Cape in 2004 and built it into the multinational firm LUMENROCK, acquiring more than 100 employees along the way, before eventually building our own brand under the KEMPEN Group. We believe the people we have come across and the relationships we have forged over time have put us in good stead for the future.
OurFirm line
International connectionsWith Ignus Kempen having been the International chairman of GMNI from 2015 to 2017, an association of independent accounting firms with more than 3 500 staff, KEMPEN Group is ideally placed to utilise our relationships with our colleagues across the globe to assist anyone who needs the expertise of chartered accountants with international connections and experience.
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We are passionate about social justice. With so many less fortunate than ourselves and having had the best opportunities that life can afford someone, we believe in giving back and making a difference.

Heart-to-Heart and Louis57 Charity are our main social justice projects. Please get involved and donate to make a difference.
H2H donate
L57Charity donate

Non-Profit Charity | Est. 1998

Heart-to-Heart Care Centre’s activities pursue separate, but interrelated activity streams, namely:

• Counselling
• Pregnancy care centre
• ARV and TB adherence support
• Food security and vegetable gardens
• Income-generating skills development
• Orphans, HIV+ and vulnerable children
• Primary school clubs: lunch boxes, fruit and juice
• Integrated family care at home: health, education, etc.
• Out-of-school youth in conflict with the law; legal aid clinic
• Restoring hope to those in Mossel Bay and its surrounding areas
• Raising awareness of the needs of the communities at grass-roots level
• Facilitating the establishment of community development projects and programmes
• Empowering and educating the community through ongoing training, information and expert services for crisis pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted Infections, TB, orphans and vulnerable children
• Networking with other service providers and churches for the benefit of the people in the community
• After school care programme: cooked meal, homework assistance, mentorship, counselling, fun, etc.

Through the Louis57 Charity, Louis Oosthuizen and his wife Nel-Mare support Kids With Cancer by distributing donations and funds to help children affected by  pediatric cancer. The objective of Louis57 Kids With Cancer is not only to assist with the medical cost, but also to help the family come to terms with the situation, bring them together again, as a family and provide guidance for the way forward.

AssociatesWe believe teamwork will make KEMPEN Group succeed.
Without the assistance of the following people and organisations we would not be able to provide our clients with the broad spectrum of services they come to expect from us.

Estate Planning and Wills
JDB Attorneys assists us with providing estate planning and wills.

Heart-to-Heart and Louis57 Charity are the main beneficiaries of all our charitable initiatives. If you would like to donate and find out more about tax savings and BEE scores when donating to these organisations, please contact us or visit the following websites:
Wealth Management and Risk Management

Kruger International is a well-respected advisor to all KEMPEN Group clients. If you need to find someone who can deal with your risks or asset protection and wealth creation, do not hesitate to contact us or visit their website.
Foreign Currency

Contact us if you need assistance with obtaining tax clearances to invest abroad. We are also able to assist with getting a very good exchange rate when transferring funds abroad. Our mandate with Currency Assist will ensure our clients gain the advantage of the best exchange rates available to them. Contact us if you need more information or visit their website.


Accounting Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises
Crafting accounting solutions, introducing sound compliance strategies and making clients happy on combined projects as joint associates.


TheFutureKEMPEN group has formed strong relationships
over the last 20 years and it is growing rapidly.

We are excited to see where the industry is going and are ready to capitalise on the changing business environment.

We deal only with the most reputable companies and hire only the most competent and skilled individuals needed to maintain our level of service.

With our focus on technology and our niche markets we believe the group will grow from a small startup into a force to be reckoned with.

Having started a company that grew to over 100 employees within 5 years, we believe that the experience gained will stand us in good stead for taking this group into the future.

As a Christian-based company we will remain rooted in our beliefs and respect all races, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.

There are numerous examples of companies that have fallen due to lack of integrity. We believe the world needs examples of companies that value integrity and good governance and therefore KEMPEN Group will always act with honesty and integrity.


Ignus Kempen
Kempen Group
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